Your Logistics Invoice:

Invoices for Logistics are issued monthly. They will include a summary of charges on the invoice itself, and then attached will be a detailed list of how your charges have been calculated - sorted by your individual products.

Our charges for Logistics are made up of four main components


Storage charges are typically "per product per pallet per week" and based on the highest amount of pallets that we have in store of each product in each week. A storage week is Sunday through to Saturday. As we issue one invoice a month (and as our storage charges are based on full weeks) our months are not calendar months but based on the Sunday and Saturday closest to the start and end of each month. Some months cover 4 weeks and some 5 weeks.


Devanning charges are for the physical unloading of Import Containers. Please note that if the products in a Container come in loose and we need to provide pallets to load them onto - then we may invoice you for the cost of the pallets also.

Handling Charges:

We charge handling charges on Goods coming into the Store and on orders going out of the store. This covers the checking of the goods, putting the goods into /out of our storage area, and updating Glasshouse. Often an administration fee is also charged to cover documentation - in particular when we are arranging cartage and delivery.

Picking Fees:

These are charged usually when there is an element of "picking" involved. This may be where we are breaking down outer cartons to select inner and smaller units, and typically we may be preparing mixed orders of a number of different products.

** Please note that where we charge "per pallet" we define 1 pallet as the equivalent of one cubic metre or one tonne.

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